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My Why

When I was young, my father was the family documentarian and took hundreds of photos. He was a hobbyist, but I loved looking through his photos and seeing how he saw the world and his family. 

The last time my whole family was together was for my dad’s 84th birthday. It was bittersweet because my dad has vascular dementia, so we never know what or who he will remember. I created a collage of many of his photos, and he recalled details we would never have expected. Even though he had not been to many places in the photos in decades, he remembered the names of people and places so vividly!

about me

my story

Memory is not perfect for any of us. Moments come and go, and you never know what will be meaningful to your family down the road. That’s one of the reasons why I feel so strongly about creating photos for people. 

A family friend snapped this photo at my sister Ivelisse’s graduation. My beautiful sister, so full of happiness and love for my family, hugging my mother. My family and I treasure the joy and gratefulness on her face in this photo because 6 months later, she was taken from us by a violent act. I was only 8 years old. This photo still comforts my family because we see her vibrant life shine through. It was a fleeting moment, but it’s everything to us now.

the moment

my sister ivelisse

Professional photos are something you will never regret. Even though we all carry phones with cameras around us every day now, they don’t record high-resolution or printable moments. A cell phone camera and our eyes don’t see the same as a specific camera lens that is made to capture subtle moments.  


of professional photos

My goal is to capture your family's memories through creative, timeless, and compelling photos you will love, share, hang on your walls and flip through the pages of your custom-made album. These photos should make you laugh, cry and remember!

my mission

in every session

Moments becoming memories are precious, and I am proud to document them for my clients. I believe that there is power in photos. They can bring us back to cherished memories and capture moments forgotten in time. 

I would love to capture moments for you and future generations. 

your  legacy

is my honor


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