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ABOUT caro

Behind the Lens

Hey, there

I'm Caro

I have my parents to thank for my artistic and entrepreneurial influences; at a young age in Puerto Rico, they helped me cultivate my eye. They encouraged me to paint and draw to understand light, shape, and form. It wasn’t long before I picked up a camera and began to find my light inside it. 

When I moved to Florida in 2008 to attend the University of Tampa, I pursued a degree in Psychology and a Masters in Marketing and Entrepreneurship. I always knew I wanted to combine art and entrepreneurship, and being a photographer brings disciplines that fascinate me together. 

We all take photographs to capture memories of people, places, things, and events we never want to forget. But beyond just being a sentimental keepsake, photos play an essential role in our lives by helping us to connect with others, remember the past, and tell our stories.

I would be so honored to capture your memories for you. I would love to create photos that give you joy and comfort and preserve moments that will become treasures. 

  • Enneagram 1+ Scorpio=Double whammy of  high values and a sense of order!
  • Cat and dog mom
  • Whole-hearted bi-lingual entrepreneur
  • I see beauty everywhere

MY why

my favorite things:



It’s everything. My family, my husband, and my friends are my guides through good times and bad. Whenever we are together, it feels like home. 


guilty pleasure

I love candy. Seriously, give me a bag of sour anything (gummy bears, sour bite crawlers), and you’ll have a new best friend. Also, a lifelong fan of Cherry Jolly ranchers, so if you see me with a red tongue, you’ll know what I’ve been up to. 



Connecting with people is important to me as an artist and also as a caring human being. I’m happiest when I’m creating and connecting with people, animals, and nature. I feel like it literally rewires my brain!



I also love food…oh boy, do I love food! The top two (because I could never pick one) is Mexican or Sushi. A banging chicken burrito or a perfectly steamed gyoza dumpling might be my perfect meal. And to drink, Champagne, or the Champagne of Coke, Coke Zero. 



My husband, Nate. He’s my rock, my biggest cheerleader, and an excellent assistant and drone photographer! He’s also responsible for a lot of the build-outs you see in my Lake Nona studio. Marrying a handsome AND handy guy has its perks.


part of my job

When someone really sees themselves in a photo I made of them, showing them right down into their beautiful soul. 

about you

My clients are passionate about family, home, and art. 

The clients I work with have a luxury mindset. Luxury isn’t just the things that surround us; they are the things that make us feel in our soul that “this is what matters.” The photographs I make for them are valued because they spark memories and become family treasures. 

Does this sound like you? Inquire with us.


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photos by carolina montes