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Headshots and Personal Branding sessions are available on location at your workplace, outdoors in the greater Orlando area, or at my photography studio, conveniently located in the picturesque community of East Park in Lake Nona.


What’s the Difference Between a Headshot
and a Personal Branding Session?

Headshots are perfect if you just need an updated image of yourself for your website, social media, or business cards. Professional headshots are essential for anyone who wants to present themselves in the best possible light in today's competitive business world!

Headshots are a quick way to refresh your image and take about 45 minutes. I suggest having professional headshots taken every 2-3 years, more often if your look changes often, such as if you are an actor or if you are a busy real estate agent. 

A Personal Branding Session takes it a step beyond. Along with headshots, we also do photos of you on location, doing what you do! If you are the face of your business, then a personal brand session can elevate your business because it showcases your entire vibe and personality. 

Personal brand sessions are often the choice of content creators, high-level CEOs, entrepreneurs who are launching or pivoting a new business, or anyone who needs to solidify their personal brand. These sessions are much more involved, take several hours to a full day, and take place at many different locations that we choose.

Confused about which one you need? Contact me, and I can help!

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the process

caro montes headshot studio

 My studio boasts abundant natural light and state-of-the-art studio lighting equipment to achieve the perfect look for your photoshoot. Stunning white trim walls and sheer curtains create an elegant and sophisticated atmosphere. There is a wide array of backdrops in colors such as white, bone, gray, light gray, black, light blue, orchid, pecan, red, and light pink to suit your preferences and style. The studio also features versatile furniture that can be arranged to align with the look and feel of your vision.

An on-site changing room means you don’t have to travel to my studio in the Florida heat and humidity in clothes you wish to be photographed in; arrive comfortable and change into your wrinkle-free outfit!

Outdoor headshots are also available. I know of many great locations in Orlando and Lake Nona where I can meet you, providing a perfect background for a more urban or relaxed headshot. I’ll work with you to choose just the right spot at the right time of day.

All sessions include the pre-session consult, the amount of time and outfit changes you desire, a selected number of digital files, and editing and retouching of the images. Hair and makeup are also available as an upgrade. 

You’ll receive a private online gallery to view your proofs, where you can choose your favorites. They’ll be returned to you in 5 business days, fully retouched and ready to go! Rush services are available for those who need a quick turnaround. 

Sessions begin at $180.

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the process

caro montes Personal branding

Personal branding sessions are a way for individuals to have professional images of themselves that accurately represents their personal brand and helps them stand out in their industry. These photos can be used on websites, social media, or any marketing collateral that you use!

We start by discussing your goals and what you want to convey, building out a totally customized vision board. We dig deep, talking about your brand and how you want to be perceived! We also discuss where you will use the photos, such as in flyers, cards, actor composites, or prints. 

We’ll choose locations, outfits and accessories, furniture, and props that work into our story. I’ll direct you on poses and expressions and use lighting and background settings to achieve a specific mood or look. 

I have several different packages to choose from, depending on your desired outcome. All personal branding sessions include the pre-session consult with a vision board, the amount of time and outfit changes you desire, an online gallery to view your proofs, a selected number of digital files, and editing and retouching of the images. Hair and makeup are also available as an upgrade. 

Sessions begin at $850.

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